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Here are ways we can work with you

A photo of two youths at a group session at the rare ECO camp

Groups and Workshops

We offer a wide range of group opportunities that provide fun and insightful creative activities in both, in person and online formats. Our groups are available to people of all ages and abilities and often created with a specific focus that guides the group.

Some examples include, building voice and choice with people living with disabilities; caregiver support; friendship; community building; stress relief in the workplace; grief, loss, and bereavement; learning to let our intuition be our guide; finding hope in pandemic times; and nature appreciation.

All of our sessions provide a non-judgmental space for participants to explore various modalities of art making and sink into their creativity. Our groups are adjusted and shaped to suit each group, and we provide all of the needed supplies for each creative experience. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to create the specialized experience for your group needs.

A young man filling in sections of a picture

Private Sessions

We offer private one-to-one sessions for those who want to work with us individually. These sessions can be geared to the goals of the individual and their abilities. Sometimes the goal is simply the opportunity for creative self-expression, and sometimes people my want to make art to find new ways of thinking about specific challenges they are facing.

Our private sessions provide the space, time, and creative focus to allow the process of art making to soothe, empower and provide insight.

Rachel doing Graphic Facilitation at the rare ECO camp

Graphic Facilitation

Stepping Stones Expressive Arts can provide Graphic Facilitation for your meetings, workshops and conferences. We will make large scale drawings to accompany a verbal message or speech. Providing graphic representation for group planning and feedback sessions has been proven to strengthen the impact of the session when participants are presented with an alternate way of receiving the information.

For individuals who are visual learners, deaf, hard of hearing, or those with an intellectual disability, Graphic Facilitation can help to make gatherings more inclusive and welcoming.

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