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Chickadee eating seeds from our hands

The Friday Trail

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The Friday Trail

For several years now, Rachel and I have hit the trail on Friday mornings. It is our version of a weekly business meeting. We talk about plans and dreams. We dig into challenges and tricky stuff. We encourage and support each other. It feels great to be together, in a natural setting talking about something we love - Expressive Arts!

The Path itself is a grounding metaphor for our journey together as Stepping Stones Expressive Arts. Mother Nature always has something beautiful to offer. Spring flowers, fall berries, the life force of the river, swishing grasses, a silent snow fall, and communing with the chickadees heighten our sensory awareness and inspire our creativity.

These wonders and the comfort and security of our friendship recharge us for the week ahead.

We hope you too have a way to take in the beauty of the natural world and that you have someone special to share it with.


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