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An embellished and painted card folded to look like a door opening

Doors can mean so many things

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Hello dear friends and followers,

Doors. Open, closed, ajar … these are strong metaphors for how we do life. Doors can mean so many things. Metaphors are such fun visuals for us to play with in Expressive Arts. It sparks our curiosity to think about how our door might look (feel? sound?) on the outside. And what lies on the inside? Where does the door lead? What kind of experience is there in opening the door or closing it?

Your Stepping Stones Expressive Arts Facilitators have a long standing fascination with doors. When we started talking about this with Joanne Davis of Jo Davis Coaching who also has a fascination with doors, we knew we needed to collaborate on something for the community online.

During this pandemic, most of us long to open our doors and invite the world in. We look ahead to the world that lies beyond our door. We hope you’ll join us to play with this imagery and explore how doors might show up in your life.

Check out the event posting for more information.

These sessions are over, and are not available at this time.

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