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Wet Felting creation

2023 Fall and Winter Sessions

Date Posted: Sunday September 24, 2023

We are eager to tell you some of the things we have planned for the winter in hopes that you'll be able to join us online for one or all of these. As always with our sessions, there will be time for making as well as opportunities for reflection and insight.

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Chickadee eating seeds from our hands

The Friday Trail

Date Posted: Friday January 13, 2023

For several years now, Rachel and I have hit the trail on Friday mornings. It is our version of a weekly business meeting. We talk about plans and dreams. We dig into challenges and tricky stuff. We encourage and support each other.

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Graphic image showing dates of the Artful Connection sessions

Artful Connection

Date Posted: Thursday November 11, 2021

These sessions allows participants to play, connect and look at things from a different perspective. It’s a fun, relaxing and reflective art experience to explore using watercolour and fine tip markers to create mandalas.

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An embellished and painted card folded to look like a door opening

Doors can mean so many things

Date Posted: Tuesday April 27, 2021

Your Stepping Stones Expressive Arts Facilitators have a long standing fascination with doors. Most of us long to open our doors and invite the world in. We look ahead to the world that lies beyond our door.

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Playful image of two dancing people with a park background

We are Back!

Date Posted: Wednesday September 02, 2020

This way of experiencing creatively takes us out of our heads and into a deeper place. Technique, composition, and all the more “academic” aspects of painting are not considered

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Graphic image telling you about our offering of individual art sessions on Zoom

You Create

Date Posted: Monday August 31, 2020

Work with the Stepping Stones Expressive Artists to develop a creative outlet.

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Cartoon drawing of four smiling faces

Let's make Art Together

Date Posted: Monday August 26, 2019

Art therapy is the purposeful use of visual arts materials and media in intervention, counseling, psychotherapy, and rehabilitation;

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