We are Back!

Hello Friends!

two dancing figures, who are back offering art sessions

We hope you are well and finding ways to move forward during the pandemic. We have been talking and meeting (socially distanced of course) and trying to figure out how to pivot Stepping Stones Expressive Arts. It seems like we are experiencing both opportunity and growth right now so we are excited to provide you with two new offerings.

Art in the Park

Intuitive Painting will run on Thursday mornings while the weather is nice. We hope we can get at least four sessions in before we have to paint wearing gloves!

We will all wear masks and set up our easels at a safe distance from each other. All materials are provided for you.

We are excited about it because we have been reading about the work of Michele Cassou who guides art makers to work from their “Point Zero” or the very heart of their creativity. This way of experiencing creatively takes us out of our heads and into a deeper place. Technique, composition, and all the more “academic” aspects of painting are not considered, Instead we feel the process, learn to use our intuition and learn to ask ourselves questions that may have some very interesting answers.

Come and join us!

You Create

This is our online offering.

Interested folks can book individual sessions with us online. We will get materials to you and meet you on Zoom to work creatively and expressively. We can set these sessions up in consultation with you according to media you might want to try or ideas you have.

As your guides through the process, we will make suggestions and offer questions which may help you to consider your art experience on a deeper level. As these sessions are all about you, we can design them according to your own needs. Contact us to start a conversation about this possibility for you or for someone you love.